How to Pick Outfits for Family Pictures

Long gone are the days of everyone wearing jean pants and solid black shirts. Now it is much more complex, and quite a bit harder to make everyone coordinate together for a cohesive look. But all the hard work definitely pays off, because outfits that are coordinated and not too matchy-matchy look amazing. Here are a few helpful tips on how to get everyone looking their best!

1. Start with a color scheme. Pick one or two main colors for everyone to work around. Then pick some secondary colors to use to mix things up. The best secondary color schemes are usually white/gray/black or beige/tan/brown.

This family has a great use of the maroon color mixed with navy (jeans) and cream/white. Very simple, but coordinated well with the variation of patterns.

2. Mix up solids and patterns. Balance is KEY.

Play with patterns that look nice next to each other. If the husband had a patterned piece it would be too much. Just a little sprinkled in here and there is perfect.

3. Make sure everyone has the same styles of clothes. It would look off if one person was in a very formal outfit and one in casual clothes.

Casual vs. Formal. Both are great, but just wouldn’t look good mixed together.

4. Use accessories to your advantage! This is usually a little easier in the fall and winter, since you can use layers and scarves.

Accessories aren’t just for the ladies! Vests, scarves, cardigans, and necklaces all can mix up patterns and colors!

5. Consider the season you are currently in. You can dress very Christmas-y, which would look fabulous. But those pictures might not be best displayed in your home all year long. Consider what you are wanting to do with the pictures when picking outfits. Also, if you are wanting them to be large scale in your home, make the colors coordinate with the color scheme of your home too.

The left picture is more a winter color scheme, where is the right is more of a fall look. Both would definitely work all year long. The locations helps make the pictures not too seasonal specific.

6. If you are photographing a large extended family, make sure every family unit coordinates together. If each little family looks great seperately, and the whole extended family follows the other tips, everyone should look great together.

Color Scheme: Teal, Blue & Purple with White/Gray/Black secondary colors.

Still stuck? Check out my Pinterest page for more inspiration!

When you have a session with Melissa Maddox Photography, during your consultation we chat about outfits! I am here to help if you have any questions or need any suggestions. We will also make sure your outfits work well with the location(s) you choose too. I may not be a professional stylist, but I sure do know what looks best photographed!


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Scott Family

The Scott Family won my Facebook Family Session Contest! It was so great, I completely plan on doing the contest every year. So if you didn’t win this year, look for the contest again next Fall!

This sweet family has only had one photoshoot since they got married 6 years ago, so it was very well deserved! They were so sweet and flexible. The only weekend we could have the session, since they don’t live in town, was of course the COLDEST WEEKEND ever. I was absolutely not going to allow sweet 10 month Asher to suffer in the cold! We decided to have the session in my home! Enjoy. 🙂

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