William Portraits

William is one of my dear friends that I met in college at Lamar University. He is a fellow artist, specializing in Graphic Design. He also owns his own company in the DFW area, and does amazing work. Hit up his website here. Anyway, back when we first became friends, I told him that we wouldn’t be friends anymore if he cut off his dreadlocks. Well, that fateful day for the haircut came seven years later a few weeks ago. But thankfully I got to take some pictures of him the morning of the big day. And we are of course still friends. Be looking for our short hair update photoshoot!

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Ashton Portraits

Ashton has been great friends with me and my husband for a few years now! He helps us so much every time we have a video project, and is such a talented artist. He has been growing out his hair for around four years now, and is ready for a change. But before he cuts it all off, we wanted to take some pictures to remember how amazing it was!

MelissaMaddoxPhotography_Portrait_01 MelissaMaddoxPhotography_Portrait_02 MelissaMaddoxPhotography_Portrait_03 MelissaMaddoxPhotography_Portrait_04 MelissaMaddoxPhotography_Portrait_05 MelissaMaddoxPhotography_Portrait_06 MelissaMaddoxPhotography_Portrait_07 MelissaMaddoxPhotography_Portrait_08 MelissaMaddoxPhotography_Portrait_09 MelissaMaddoxPhotography_Portrait_10 MelissaMaddoxPhotography_Portrait_12

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Maddox Family

Now, I may be very biased, but this is one ridiculously attractive family right here. When my relatives from California were in town for Christmas, we took advantage of everyone being together and took some much needed family pictures! Several people have been born since our last family picture, so we desperately needed to include our new members! We took our pictures on probably the coldest day that they were here, but we only had one day as an option so we had to make it work! We had my amazing friend Lauren, of Ellie G Photography, help us with the ones I needed to be in. We took these pictures at Trinity Park in Fort Worth, Texas. We ended up not having enough time to finish the pictures of my immediate family, so the end ones were taken at this cute park right by the Texas Ranger’s ballpark in Arlington!

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Thomas Portraits

This is my sweet friend Thomas! He went to Lamar University with me, and we became such good friends! But after we both graduated he moved to Houston and I moved back to the Fort Worth area. I haven’t gotten to see him for almost a year, but he got to come visit me for the weekend a few weeks ago! I love him so much, and was so lucky I got to take his pictures! 🙂


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Ebony Summer Portraits

To celebrate the upcoming end of Texas summer heat, here is a lovely model session I photographed not too long ago! Sarah and I envisioned a stylized summer series, and this is our vision come to life. With the help of our gorgeous model Ebony and her boyfriend Willie assisting us, we had a lovely evening celebrating summer fashion. And getting eaten alive by bugs, won’t miss those…

Model: Ebony Spells

Styling: Sarah Green

Makeup: Melissa Alvarez

Assistant Extraordinaire: Willie Hubbard

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