Eliana’s Birth

WARNING: Below are pictures of a live birth. They are all carefully cropped so that you don’t see any private body parts, but there is one picture of a placenta with blood. If you want to skip this post, just scroll down real fast with your eyes closed. Once you get back to color pictures, you should be safe. 🙂

I LOVE photographing births and really want to photograph them more often! Kimberly went into labor around 3am Sunday morning. Her doula (in training) Sani and I are in the same small group at church , so we were chatting about how exciting it was that labor had started later that morning. After laboring at home for a while, Kimberly decided it was time for us to head to the Fort Worth Birthing & Wellness Center! We got to the birthing center a little after 4pm, and sweet Eliana was born just a few hours later! The gender was a surprise until she was born. She was such a big baby, I was totally convinced she would be a boy-but I was wrong! Kimberly had such a great support system of the staff at the center, Sani, and her husband Adrian. She labored and gave birth like a CHAMP. Shortly after she was born, Kimberly’s mom came to meet her with big brother Asher, and big sister Zia! Such a happy day!

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Avner Allen Gabel Birth

My sweet friend Shanna Gabel contacted me a little over two months ago about photographing the birth of her third child. I was completely honored, because I am absolutely obsessed with the photographer who got to photograph her first two. I got to join her for one of her preliminary appointments about a week before her due date to look at the birthing center and meet her midwife, which was really great. Late Tuesday night at around 10 pm, almost three weeks after her due date, I got a text from her saying that she was starting her contractions! Two hours later when she progressed enough, we all headed to meet at Family Birth Services in Grand Prairie. The birthing center was so comfortable, and gave Shanna so much freedom to walk around and do exactly what she wanted.

Avner Allen Gabel was born on August 27, 2014 at 1:45 am. He weighed 9.0 lbs and was 21 inches long.

This was my first birth to ever witness, and it was absolutely amazing. My friend Shanna is such a strong woman. I know I am usually very bright and colorful when it comes to pictures, but I am absolutely loving the black and white on all of these.


Congratulations to Shanna & Jonathan!


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