Abstract Portraits

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Abstract Portraits are a revolutionary new session offered exclusively by Melissa Maddox Photography. With this inventive process your traditional portrait is rearranged into a remarkable, one-of-a-kind art piece for your home. Instead of just one image, it is a picture made up of approximately 50 individual images. All the scenery pieces fit together in a beautiful imperfect order, to make a striking unified picture. Each image is mounted and stacked at different heights to produce a raised 3D surface. The figures look familiar straight on, but at different angles you start to see the individual elements fragmented. I perfected this process for over seven years, and am thrilled to finally introduce it as a session!

With the Abstract Portrait Session, you receive one completely custom large wall portrait. The session also includes an additional 30 minute mini-session for other poses and shots as well. Contact me here for detailed information about pricing or to reserve your session!

Everyone who sees these unique portraits always ask how exactly they are made. With the help of an amazing film crew and gorgeous models, I put together a quick behind-the-scenes video of how it all works.

Check it out below:

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