Summer Session Tips

Summers in Texas are extremely hot, but don’t let the heat stop you from getting new family pictures. Here are a few tips to make sure your family session is as cool as possible.

Packing List: First let’s start with some things you need to bring to any summer session. Lots of drinking water is the absolute most important, make sure you have extra bottles for everyone. Battery hand-held fans are great ways to cool down in between poses. And maybe bring an umbrella to use for shade if we have some extra walking at your location.

Time of Day: The best time for sessions in the summer is the morning! Earlier the better. If your family can handle getting up shortly after the sun, do it! But if you are anything like me and have a family member that simply cannot function before 10 AM, evening right before sunset is fine too. You can photoshop out some sweat and redness, but not a bad mood. Just remember that 8 AM can be 15-20 degrees cooler than 7 PM, and that makes a huge difference.

Location is Key: Certain locations can help a lot with your summer session too. If you have a very specific location in mind that has little to no shade, it might be best to wait until Fall. Shaded areas help so much with the heat, but also look much better in pictures. Also consider moving your session indoors! A lifestyle session in your home is always so special. And trust me, your home DOES NOT have to be spotless or designed by Joanna Gaines. If your kid is anything like mine and loves the water, we could have a water themed session! This might be best just for the kids, but we could get some fun unique shots at a splash pad or the sprinkler in your backyard.

Mini Sessions: Last, but certainly not least, is to just shorten your session time! My full sessions are about an hour and a half, but you could do a short and sweet mini session that is only 30 minutes long.

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